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Kokutaku Tulpe + гуми Galaxy Moon / Mercury II

47.00 лв.

Special combo with Tulpe "Excellent" OFF- Wooden Blade

Handle: Long(shakehand)-FL
Forehand: Galaxy/Yinhe Moon "High Tense" 2.2 mm.
Backhand: Galaxy Yinhe Mercury II "MOXA" 2.2 mm.

Blade: Kokutaku Tulpe Wooden Blade
This blade was developed by TUTTLE after investigation of all superior aspects of the blades used by the best players from all over the world. Therefore it can be called the “ideal blade”. The powerful speed and high control will satisfy any world topclass player. The superior quality is the result of the combination of finest special wood and High-Tech manufacturing.

Speed: 8+
Control: 8+
Ply: 5
Weight: about 82g
Thickness: about 6.4mm
Material: Wood
Type: Allround
Handle: FLARE

Forehand: Galaxy/Yinhe Moon "High Tense" 2.2 mm.
High speed, high tension, high friction rubber that feels a lot like a Japanese product.
Built to match Butterfly Tenergy 05. It is the closest match we have found!

Speed: 120
Spin: 90
Tack: None

Backhand: Galaxy Yinhe Mercury II "MOXA" 2.2 mm.
Galaxy Mercury II rubber is the first rubber of the MOXA sponge line, Galaxy entry level version of the "MAX TENSE" line. The Mercury II rubber is tacky, softer topsheet that provides a strong spin on serves and pushes, while given more control to loops, blocks, and drives.
As compaired to the previous Mercury rubber, the new Mercury II is softer, lighter, and provides a more 'springy' sponge. Overall speed feels the same.

Speed: 90
Control: 80
Tacky: middle

  • Модел: Комплект гума и дърво за тенис на маса
  • Бруто тегло: 0.2кг.
  • Произведено от: Kokutaku / China