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Dawei 388-D2 гума с дълги зъбци БЕЗ ПОДЛОЖКА, 4 цвята (OX)

24.00 лв.  22.00 лв.
Спести: 8% отстъпка

Dawei 388 D-2 гума с дълги зъбци без подложка - 4 цвята (OX)

-Long skinny Pips out rubber
-Strange Effect on Ball
-Can generate attack
-Can be VERY Deceptive!
-Can throw Knuckle ball effect
-No sponge OX

Speed: 7.5
Spin: 7.0
Control: 10+

Long pips rubber without sponge for playing at the table. 388 D2 sheet is VERY thin and soft.
Despite the fact that they have a faster than average speed, they are good at blocking fast attacks with both topspin or flat chops!

Добави към кошницата:

  • Модел: Гума с дълги зъбци DAWEI 388 D2 OX Long Pips rubber D-2
  • Бруто тегло: 0.13кг.
  • Произведено от: DAWEI China / Japan

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