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XIOM SIGMA II PRO Професионален 5G Tensor

64.00 лв.

XIOM SIGMA II PRO e Професионална немска "Tensor" гума от пето поколение с черна "carbo" подложка и "Hyper elasto" горна гума.

XIOM Sigma II PRO rubber is NEW MODEL for 2013

SIGMA II PRO is new rubber developed especially for Tour professionals.
SIGMA II PRO shapes the ball trajectory easier than any other rubbers. Professional players know the well-controlled short balls and the accurate ball path increase the real winning probability. You can also charge far more energy on the spin with the "IMB" technology. As a result, the ball winds up quicker and aggressively lower at the opponent's court while it can start comfortably higher. Dynamics of the BLACK CARBO sponge boost the stored energy to create the real advantages for tour professionals.

Play style: close to mid distance top-spin and counter top-spin aggressive play!

Speed: 9.5
Spin: 9.7
Control: 9.8
Hardness: hard /about 47 deg. /
Tackiness: none
Thickness: 2.0, 2.2 mm.
Weight: 48 гр. изрязана за стандартна глава

If you are looking for maximum speed and spin, try Xiom OMEGA V Asia.
If you are looking for well balanced rubber, try Xiom OMEGA V Europe.
If you are looking for extreme control, try Xiom OMEGA IV Elite.

SIGMA II PRO is faster than T05 at medium distance.
We recommend this rubber for FOREHAND. This is not a rubber for beginners! Like Butterfly TEnergy 05, the speed depends on how much spin you generate and whether or not you use proper stroke. The short game is exceptional because the rubber feels slower if you aren't playing with full strokes.

XIOM Sigma II PRO is exceptional slash for chopping short and at a distance. It is a monster for looping with European strokes and also blocks quite well from medium distance.

This is one of the best XIOM rubbers for 2013
Don't buy Sigma II if you're still learning the game of table tennis - its expertise is rated "Tour" by Xiom for a reason!

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  • Модел: Гума за хилка за тенис на маса от КСИОМ Германия
  • Бруто тегло: 0.12кг.
  • Произведено от: XIOM Germany / Korea

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