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19.50 лв.

LKT Rapid SOFT много лека гума с мека "allround" подложка.

"Лек и евтин заместител на Sriver FX"

Скорост: 8
Въртене: 9
Контрол: 10
Дебелина: 2.2mm
Тегло: 55 грама неизрязана

"LKT Rapid SOFT rubber is designed for the speed glue ban. The soft sponge and a specialized pimple arrangement gives LKT soft a high degree of control while still maintaining the ability to generate spin at low or high speeds"

"We should say that my main equipment is Japanese stuff for many years. So using Chinese stuff is not something I would just do very easily and take lightly. I’ve used LKT XT/XP, Torrent and now Rapid Soft and I feel that the LKT products really offer me the easiest transition. I find that at least for me, it was easier to transition to LKT than Dawei Inspirit (including Quattro) or even Palio CJ8000 (sorry Cole!). Those two are very close to Japanese/Euro quality though and I think they would suit anybody who wants to transition from expensive Japanese/Euro stuff to the more economical Chinese stuff"

  • Модел: Гуми за хилка за тенис на маса LKT KTL
  • Бруто тегло: 0.13кг.

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