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Friendship Ritc 729-2 New лепкава гума

16.50 лв.

Ritc 729-2 rubber is engineered to provide firm traditional power with the ability to loop away from the table. The "new 729-2" has the quick power close to the table that has made Chinese rubbers so successful in dominating world class table tennis. 729 Chemists and formulary experts have found how to add away form the table power in addition to the traditional Chinese over the table attack.

729-2 plays smooth with surprisingly good control for a realy fast rubber!

-High speed
-Fast attack
-For close or away from the table play
-Made with Special Sensor sponge.
-Non tacky topsheet

Speed: 12
Spin: 11
Control: 10

Sponge 2.2mm Special "Sensor"

  • Модел: Гуми за хилки за тенис на маса 729
  • Бруто тегло: 0.13кг.
  • Произведено от: 729 FRIENDSHIP China

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