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DAWEI 388D Grass 20 Гума дълги зъбци с подложка - трева

24.50 лв.

DAWEI 388D Grass 20 long Long Pimple rubber - THE MOST POPULAR LONG PIPS rubber in China.

For all pimples players who want to get the most out of their long pimples.

388d has smooth pip tops
388d grass 20 has smooth pip tops with dampening sponge
388d-1 has textured tops

• Long Pimple
• Medium speed
• Light & Durable
• Dangerous effect!
• ITTF approved!

Speed: 80
Control: 80
Deception: 90
Game system: DEF+
Sponge hardness: Medium
Sponge thickness: 1.0 mm

The chopping with Grass 20 is a lot easier and better if I hold my bat with the handle pointing down to the floor more than pointing to my body. This might have to to with configuration of the pips or something, or it may have to do with me not using the wrist as much with that kind of chopping.

The backspin when using the Dawei Grass is beter compared toinst P-4. But I feel that I have a little more time and control when working with P-4. My partner had much more troubles reading the spin from Dawei than from P-4, but he is much more used to play against P-4.

Close to the table Dawei Grass is very good, perfect for returning serves (slow or medium fast) and place the return where you want it. Fast serves are a little trickier to return but not any more that with other LP's. Pushing over the table is very good. This rubber is very slow and the Dawei top sheet has some grip. This makes it possible to push against back spin and still generate a no spin return or with slight back spin. But you can also easily push back with a little lift, making the return a top spin. Pushing back and generate back spin or a no spin can of course be done easily with P-4, but it will never return a top spin. The difference in what you can return is a little greater with Dawei Grass than P-4.

I think I can do a little wider array of shots with Dawei Grass than with P-4, at least close to the table. And that is great fun! Away from the table P-4 might be a little more controlled but not as lethal. But P-4 will perhaps land more ball on the table, at least when loops are aimed at my body.

Attacking is very easy with both of them, but most attacks are harmless. Some attacks with Dawei are very deadly, when I manage to hit without brushing the pips. But that is a difficult shot and it needs to be a hard hit in order to be lethal.

Blocking at the table against lops can be done with both rubbers in the same way as with an inverted rubber (closed bat). This generates deceptively slow and low spin returns that can cause some problems. I think P-4 is easier to control in this aspect because of the grip, but Dawei gives returns that are more difficult to read. Some of them carries a little back spin and they might be a little slower.

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  • Модел: Гуми с дълги зъбци - трева Dawei 388 d d1 Grass 20
  • Бруто тегло: 0.1кг.
  • Произведено от: DAWEI China / Japan

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