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Nittaku FACTIVE 40+ универсална нападателна гума

52.00 лв.

Nittaku FACTIVE 40+ is new model German /ESN/ tensor rubber from Nittaku, Japan


Nittaku FACTIVE 40+ has 45 deg. /ESN scale/ German made "Tensor" porous sponge with high built-in catapult effect. Factive topsheet creates high arc with very good speed and spin without the need to use booster or speed glue!

Nittaku FACTIVE 40+ has medium hard sponge, the weight is medium and there is excelent balance between speed and spin
FACTIVE 40+ is good for top-spin , counter top-spin, flat hitting and active blocking.

Model: NR-8720
Speed: 14.75
Spin: 11.75
Tackiness: none
Thickness: 2.0 mm
Weight: 62 g. uncut sheet
Hardness: Medium 35 deg. by Nittaku; equals to 45 deg. ESN

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  • Модел: Гума за тенис на маса Nittaku Faktive Нитаку Фактив
  • Бруто тегло: 0.12кг.
  • Произведено от: NITTAKU / JAPAN

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