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XIOM 36.5 ALX DEEP IMPACT композтино дърво (OFF+)

205.00 лв.

XIOM 36.5 ALX Deep Impact е нов модел композтино дърво. Рейтинг: (OFF+)


Конструкцията на 36.5 ALX е много сходна с тази на Xiom STRADIVARIUS.
Пластовете от "Arylate" са заменени с новият "Axylium", който е изработен подредством по-съвременна технология и съответно контролът на 36.5 ALX е по-добър от този на Stradivarius, запазвайки същата висока скорост.

Пластове: 5 дърво + 2 Axylium /Arylate/
Тегло: 85 +-2 гр.
Рейтинг: OFF+
Дебелина: 5.7 мм
Дръжка: FL, ST

XIOM 36.5 ALX e подходящо за напдателна топ-спин игра от близко до средно разстояние. ALX Deep Impact има скорост сходна на Butterfly Viscaria и XIOM STRADIVARIUS, но e определено s по-добър контрол и от двете!
Комбинира се перфектно с немски тензори с твърдост 50, 53 и дори 55 градуса!
Ако търсите максимум контрол от средна дистанция, може да го комбинирате и тензори на 47.5 градуса.

Подробно ревю на английски от

"This is my favorite blade of the series and possibly the blade I prefer among all Xiom blades that I have own and still own. The Stradivarius is still one of my favorites but the 36.5 Deep Impact ALX blade has shifted my attention since I have been in love with ALC ever since. Xiom claims that the process they have used for constructing the blade is different and the first in the industry. The Cold Process is different from the traditional way of removing moisture from the wood layers. The traditional ways are letting the wood plies dry under the sun or using a heating kiln to eliminate moisture. The Cold Process is different wherein it takes longer to dry and press the wood plies compared to the high temperature process wherein it dries the wood plies quickly. The purpose of the Cold Process is to preserve the original characteristics of the wood plies. This blade, like the Ice Cream blades and Hugo HAL, is made
in Korea. The high quality construction is very obvious the moment you lay your eyes on the blade. The surface is semi-smooth and no way rough. The handle shape is identical to that of the AZX and AZXi blades with a 100mm x 25mm dimensions. If people like the Stradivarius blade, the 36.5 Deep Impact ALX Blade is the blade to get if they are looking for something that is similar in performance with a certain famous ALC blade in the market. This might be the least priced blade compared to the other 3 new blades of Xiom but in my opinion this is the best blade from Xiom yet.


The 36.5 ALX is an OFF+ blade with high level of control. I can compare the 36.5’s speed with other famous blades in the market. The 36.5 blade’s speed is faster than the Xiom Hugo HAL and the new
Xiom Stradivarius. The 36.5 blade is slower than the old Stradivarius, more or less equal speed than the Viscaria, slower than Stiga Dynasty and slower than the Xiom AXi Ice Cream blade. The ball has a medium high bounce when bouncing against the bare blade with a medium high pitch. I used a Xiom Tau II rubber for the forehand and Xiom Omega 7 China Ying for the backhand. I also switched the forehand and backhand rubbers just to check the effects of using a rubber that has characteristics of a Chinese rubber. The 36.5 Blade has a medium-high speed. I did not find it too fast. The speed is typical
to the current ALC blades in the market. It is safe to say that the control and speed of the 36.5 far exceeded my expectation. As I have theorized before, Xiom now has emphasized more on the feel and
control of the blade due to the fact that their rubbers are very fast especially on the recent release of their Omega 7 Hyper rubbers.

Ability to loop or spin

The 36.5 Deep Impact ALX is the 2nd best looping blade in the series after the Hugo HAL blade. Both have a good “dwell” with a more profound feel that goes for the Hugo HAL. It is a one good looping machine but can loop farther away from the table compared to the Hugo HAL due to the faster speed and greater amount of force it can produce for the ball. It is also excellent at middle distance and long distance counter looping from the table. I have observed that the ball with both Tau II and Xioom Omega 7 as having medium arc when looping. I would say that the accuracy of my loops with the 36.5 5 are as good as my loops when I am using the new Stradivarius as both have this medium-soft feel when looping.


The biggest selling point of both the Hugo HAL and 36.5 Deep Impact ALX is that both have outstanding feel. The 36.5 DE ALX has this medium soft feel compared to the harder feel of the Viscaria or Timo Boll ALC. Despite having almost similar wood plies and construction, the 36.5 DE ALX has a more or less woody feel. It kinda felt softer than the mentioned ALC blades. For me, TB ALC feels the hardest follow by Viscaria and then the 36.5 DE ALX is the softest of the 3. The newly re-released Stradivarius has a somewhat equal feel to the 36.5 DE ALX. Adding to that, the handle is very comfortable to the hand. Its ergonomic feel reminds me of those discontinued Adidas blades.

Control and Usability

The 36.5 DE ALX is a very forgiving blade. Since the feel is topnotch and the speed above average, it can be used by anybody within the intermediate level provided the rubbers are not too fast. The power is subtle. It looks like it is not fast but once you start attacking with it, you can feel the great balance of the speed and control. Overall, this is a great blade to invest with since it has a better feel and ball feedback to the hand compared to other popular blades of the same design."

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  • Модел: Композитни дървета с Арилейт Kарбон от Xiom Korea
  • Бруто тегло: 0.22кг.
  • Произведено от: XIOM Germany / Korea

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