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Nittaku HAMMOND CR VA - Бърза - Мека - Нападателна Японска гума

46.50 лв.  39.50 лв.
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Nittaku HAMMOND CR VA uses the Legendary Hammond Top Sheet paired with upgraded version of the soft & high elastic "VA"sponge.


The built in "CR" and "VA" technologies help to create a stable medium-low arc with high speed, high catapult with good spin and control!
The VA sponge produces loud distinct sound!

Nittaku HAMMOND CR VA is one of the Hammond series rubbers with excellent balance between speed and control.
HAMMOND CR VA is good rubber for flat attacks. The hitting, smashing and blocking are excellent!

The durability of the Hammond CR VA Top sheet is excellent because of the Natural rubber being used.
It lasts much higher than most ESN Tensor rubbers or Butterfly Tenergy rubbers.

Model: NR-8588
Speed: 14.7
Spin: 15.0
Control: 11.5
Tackiness: none
Thickness: 2.0 mm
Weight: 56 g. uncut sheet
Hardness: Soft - 32.5 deg. Nittaku /equals to 42.5 deg. ESN/

Препоръчваме да се комбинира с чисти 5-пластови дървета като Nittaku LATIKA, KASUMI BASIC и др.
Получава се OFF- хилка с отличен баланс между скорсот и контрол, подходяща за леко напреднали офанзивни играчи.

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  • Модел: Гума за тенис на маса Nittaku Hammond CR VA Нитаку Хамънд цр ва
  • Бруто тегло: 0.12кг.
  • Произведено от: NITTAKU / JAPAN

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