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108.00 лв.  54.00 лв.
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XIOM KENT Маратонки за тенис на маса. Модел 2016 - Лимитирана серия!

The new KENT Table Tennis Shoes are scientifically designed with stylish metallic black colour.
The UPPER part is made from Micro Fiber Skin. The breathable Open Air Mesh enhances the durability
and incredible lightness of the shoes.
The Arch Shaped Bottom and Deep Heel Cup of the INSOLE part gives stability and extreme comfortableness.
The OUTSOLE gives optimal synergy of stability, duration, ventilation by combining Midsole with Air
Tunnel, V-Tube for cooling system and Outsole with Rubber Stopper for preventing from slipping.

Материал: Synthetic leather, Air Mesh, Phylon, rubber
Цвят: Черен /металик/

Добави към кошницата:

  • Модел: Маратонки за тенис на маса XIOM
  • Бруто тегло: 0.9кг.
  • Произведено от: XIOM Germany / Korea

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