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Професионална "Allround+" хилка с гуми XIOM ASIA

147.00 лв.  139.50 лв.
Спести: 5% отстъпка

Professional "Allround+" racket with XIOM ASIA - 3rd. genration German "Tensor" rubbers with medium-hard black carbo sponge!

This racket offers the highest possible Spin and Control for the "Allround+" racket segment!

Blade: Yinhe EARTH E-1 "VB", 5 ply, FL handle.
High temperature burn is applied to the balde in order to lower the weight and improve the "feeling"

Red Rubber: XIOM VEGA ASIA, 2.2 mm
Black Rubber: XIOM VEGA ASIA, 2.0 mm.

Добави към кошницата:

  • Модел: Професионална хилка за тени на маса XIOM
  • Бруто тегло: 0.2кг.
  • Произведено от: XIOM Germany / Korea