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DHS Skyline TG2 NEO гума

29.90 лв.  27.00 лв.
Спести: 10% отстъпка

DHS NEO Skyline TG2 keeps the unique colloid with acerbity and glutinosity combined.
The technology can create strong and changeful spin by different methods (friction and deformation).
The beating power could penetrate into "NEO" sponge, which is in the energy storage status gives players power to create more aggressive spin.

These are the factory tuned version of the popular Skyline 2. The rubbers are a little lighter, more consistant and higher quality, the sponge softer and much more dynamic, giving a big boost in speed with plenty of spin.

The following are used by the top chinese players:
Wang Hao - 656 Blade + TG2 Neo
Wang LiQin - 655 Blade + H2 Neo
Ma Lin - TG3 Neo
Ma Long - H3 Neo

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  • Модел: гуми за тенис на маса DHS skyline neo
  • Бруто тегло: 0.12кг.
  • Произведено от: DHS - Double Happiness

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