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Yasaka RAKZA 9 гума за тенис на маса

72.00 лв.

Rakza 9 е топ моделът на Yasaka, създаден да се конкурира с топ моделите на Stiga - Calibra LT и Butterfy Tenergy 05 (T05)

Yaska Rakza 9 has the same "Hybrid Energy" system as Rakza 7, which is highly valued by high class players all over the world.
Rakza 9 is a bit harder and has improved speed than Rakza 7.
The surface rubber of Rakza 9 has been redesigned to increase spin on short pushes and chops. In addition the new sponge is made of a more homogenous material and has larger pores.

Speed: 102
Control: 60
Spin: 105

Rakza 9 is the fastest of Yasaka’s Hybrid Energy rubbers and is suitable for technical offensive players, using both high speed and spin to win the point.

Top sheet and sponge hardness are comparable to T05...requires more effort to generate speed than 05!.

Sponge texture is similar to Andro Hexer.
Control is better than T05
Throw angle is lower than T05
Looping is awesome close or away from table.
High short spinny loop is also easy to generate.
Spinny serves is also easy to generate whether it's a high or low toss.

Very good forehand rubber!

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  • Модел: Професионални гуми за хилка за тенис на маса
  • Бруто тегло: 0.13кг.
  • Произведено от: YASAKA Japan / Germany

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